Hi there! I'm the creative mind behind Collect The Label, and let me tell you, my adventure into the fashion industry has been woven together with vibrant colors, inventiveness, and a ton of enchantment influenced by my mother.

My mother, a single, fashion-forward woman who could light up the streets with her elegance, was the inspiration behind it all. As a child, I observed how her daring wardrobe selections attracted attention and sparked spontaneous conversations.It was more than how pretty she looked—it was about how her confidence blossomed and how easily she made connections with people on the streets.

A (positive) comment on her clothing was always an icebreaker with strangers. Which I found fascinating. Especially now moving forward 20 years. The world has gotten increasingly individualistic, with people paying less and less attention to their surroundings and fellow humans.Her closet was always full of colors and patterns, and I was amazed at how she effortlessly mixed them to create her own look. She saw fashion as a lifestyle and a language that conveyed volumes without words. That, I believe, planted curiosity and creativity in my susceptible mind.

At twelve, I began "pimping" denim jeans. I sewed a variety of materials onto my jeans to create these one-of-a-kind, distinctive pants that nobody else owned. I had to see all of my favorite brands' runway shows. I had to view particular clothing boutiques everywhere we went. When I ran out of money to buy new clothes I was experimenting with my mother’s clothes. I found out that when styled in the right way men and women's clothing blend perfectly together. That is why everything we offer these days is unisex. I was not really fascinated by the fashion world but by the creations derived from it.

I was aware, based on my mother's example, that if you dare to wear something different and stand out, people will admire you for it—provided, of course, that these combinations are executed flawlessly.Life, in its wisdom, steered me elsewhere. Even though I wanted to go to fashion school, this same pragmatic mother advised me to study business. After my study I went on a world tour. After five years of traveling and experiencing different cultures, I reached a crossroad. It was now or never. I decided to go after my dream and started my own fashion label. Collect The Label was established.

Today, every piece of clothing I design is a tribute to my mom’s legacy. It serves as a reminder that fashion is about the profound connections that all people should have with one another on a daily basis, regardless of what they wear. The mission is to reestablish humankind by offering apparel that is worth discussing. It's all about being authentically human. To establish a connection. to feel fulfilled. It's easy to forget that happiness is the natural state of mind. It involves moving beyond your comfort zone.

Thus, take another look at your closet and wear clothes that make you feel proud, joyful, and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I can assure this will have an immense positive ripple effect on your life. 

Greetings from my universe. 

Welcome at Collect The Label.